there are ALWAYS two sides of the same coin

Andrea is an italian photographer, based in milan.

"i was drawn to photography early in my life. Although i started my  career in the law business, studying civil law, photography is where my heart lay."



One part of Andrea, with his photographs, wants to reveal how wonderful and vast the world really is, and it all started like this:

By the time he was eighteen he did his first backpacker trip and with that was born his love for traveling and the everlasting regret that he didn’t take a camera with him. Not being able to capture and share with the world the amazing and unique experiences he had, left him with a sour taste in his mouth, that's when he promised himself that he will never go anywhere without a camera.

Through his photography Andrea strives to capture the viewer and to draw him inside the picture, make him feel like he was there with him. Amidst the chaos, or the quiet, making the observer an actor , and not a simple spectator.

His motto is that if he can make you imagine the perfumes, the noises or the breath taking silence, and if he can make you feel the overwhelming heat or the tiring cold, then he's doing his job right!


Another part of him, strives to express something deeper, something not contaminated by vivid colors or amazing sceneries:

He achieved this by removing every distraction from the main subject of the picture, crystallizing the action and focusing the attention of the viewer on the main subject.                  
The picture becomes a clear canvas, where the stark contrast between light and shadow convey an almost abstract image, where the viewer is free to decide what he’s seeing, but at the same time, he is restricted by an invisible boundary, outlined by the idea that every single image, inevitably, communicate.           .

The first result of this mindset is the series of photographs called, Light Paintings, a set of Black and White pictures, where time stand still, and the observer can be absorbed inside the scene, without any distraction. 



2017, June: In Giro per il Mondo, Bi-Personal Exhibition, BANCA MEDIOLANUM, Bergamo, Italy

2016, February: Il Mio Mondo. Andrea Deotto, Personal Exhibition, LEOGALLERIES, Monza, Italy

2016, May– July: Il Mio Mondo. Andrea Deotto, Personal Exhibition, BANCA MEDIOLANUM, Cassano, Italy

2016, November: 17° Premio Cairo, Premio Arte, PALAZZO REALE, Milano, Italy

2016, November: Show Your World, GALLERY MC, New York, USA

Andrea is currently a Freelancer and a Fine Art Photographer, and has done multiple photographic services for the italian magazine DOVE VIAGGI, the most important travel magazine in Italy. 

Over the years he attended many relevant photographic contests, in which he always stood out due to the way he use the camera to capture the world that surrounds him. Among these: 

  • Finalist in TPOTY (2013/2014) (Travel Photographer Of The Year) 
  • National Geographic Italia
  • FIIPA (Fiof Italy International Photography Award) 
  • SIPA (Siena International Photo Award)

His work has also been exhibited in 2016 at the Museum PALAZZO REALE, in Milano and in Art Galleries like LEOGALLERIES in Monza and GALLERY MC in New York.